S’ain’t Anthony

Born on June 27 1998 in Staten Island New York, St. Anthony aka Anthony Odessa, has been playing drums and involved in the music scene as a musician since he was five. St. Anthony studied music at Castellano’s House of Music and performed with a local bands around town but realized he had a passion to write and sing and eventually went solo.

His unique style combines both a rock/pop blend of melodic and lyrical duels that enter the darkness with a peek into the light. He reached out and caught the attention of The Star Groomers, Cindy Valentine and she immediately signed him and began helping him develop his writing skills and fine tuning them. As a result, they wrote a few songs together and a video scheduled for a Halloween release this October entitled, “No More Shame” that features another Star Groomer artist Juliet Carina.

If you haven’t heard of St. Anthony, don’t worry, Halloween will never be the same now that St. Anthony has blessed us with his presence.