Cindy Valentine really cares and took the time to understand the direction I wanted to follow. I have more confidence on stage and feel more confident in my writing/composing music now. I also understand the music business clearer. I was lucky to experience the ASCAP Music seminar with her guidance.

Thank you Cindy!

Porcelain Doll

A Fun and Appealing Song that Extends Throughout the Album

Here is a talented artist who has created a versatile collection of exceptional songs. The music of Cindy Valentine can be found on the soundtrack to Mickey Rourke’s Another 9-1/2 Weeks Part II (Sony Records). And she is the composer and performer for the title track on the feature film comedy, Repossessed, starring Linda Blair and Leslie Nielsen.

On her album “Wicked Way”, Ms. Valentine presents us with variations of her song “Wicked Ways”. One of my favorite versions is the original radio take, which highlights her impressive and stylish vocals. It’s a fun and appealing song that extends throughout the album.

Russ Suereth