Bugz Villan

“Bugz” Villan was born on July 15, 1991 on none other than the Southside of Hartford, CT. He’s the definition of the possible Rose that grew from the concrete. Impacted by his environment, and yet influenced by great entertainers such as Jay-z, Diddy, Drake….Bugz became his own Picasso and mastered his own art form of entertainment. Since the age of 9 Bugz has given image to words, creativity to production, while yet carving his own lane to great music.

Releasing his first single “Hoodie Low” from the highly anticipated album entitled “20/TWENTY” has new listeners and fans convinced of his authenticity in the music business. His own life experiences give wisdom to street knowledge. His brilliance to contrast his life into lyrics matched by melodies show there’s no limitation on creative music he will give to the world.

Coming Soon